Even though I’ve been giving in to emotional eating lately, I would never turn down a cupcake from this awesome guy.

We’re blurry…and totally in love.

Even Cosmopolitan magazine says so.

Although according to Cosmo, my Leo guy doesn’t want me to cling to him.

I guess I just need to bring up environmental issues more often! ;)

At least Cosmo has my Taurus nature right.

Okay, I have to add an Amber doesn’t share food!! to this. But I like to think that the classic Taurus components capture my personality completely.

Also….don’t come over and expect to “ooh” and “ahh” over my “master decorating skills.” You’ll be sadly disappointed.

But back to the cupcakes. I have been wanting them far too often. Especially because the gluten-free ones are $3.50 a piece. And because I shouldn’t want a daily cupcake fix.

Cut to me trying to make my own.

Food fails should probably be an entire category of my blog. I could go back through and categorize each blog that contains my failures in the kitchen.

But I probably won’t, because that might be too depressing!

And these weren’t that bad…

Okay, that’s a lie. They were pretty much inedible.

Coconut whipped cream is better at adding to the taste of an already tasty treat. It had a much harder time attempting to cover up this blech.

Aubrey added butter (technically Earth Balance) to them and said they actually worked as biscuits.

Because there is no sweet flavor to these “pumpkin muffins” whatsoever.

Thankfully I still had Jenni’s recipe for Chai Coconut Cupcakes written down from when I made them for Thanksgiving.

Now that is some yummy stuff!

Although this time I used half as much oil and half as much honey and made up the difference in applesauce to play around with the recipe.

I honestly don’t know which version I like better. Both are awesome and I still had a bunch of coconut cream to add even more flavor.

They were totally satisfying.

I ate two because I wanted to, not because I was trying to stuff down any feelings.

That’s what I consider progress, my friends.

Shhh don’t remind me that progress would actually be me not wanting some sort of dessert each night. I’m just fine, thank you! ;)