So I whined in this post about not getting an answer back on my brain MRI…and then I finally did.

I posted about it on Facebook, but for my friends and family who read my blog and yet aren’t on Facebook (seriously?) I got the results late Friday afternoon.

I do have a small (benign) tumor on my pituitary gland as well as a small brain cyst.

I have to get MRIs for at least the next couple of years to make sure neither one is getting any bigger. My endocrinologist said that when they are that size it’s not likely that my fertility would be affected. But she also can’t rule out that possibility, especially since my estrogen levels are super low.

More blood work will have to be done to see if any of my other pituitary hormones are being affected. If so, she thinks the next likely step is to be put on birth control.

Which is the exact opposite of what I want to do.

I’ve been trying for a kid for over six years now.

I have an appointment with a naturopathic doctor on Saturday and I’m hoping she will provide different solutions and answers.

This weekend I focused on my favorite four kiddos instead.

Because Auntie Amber loves them to pieces.

So here is where my heart is at.

I love this book!

There are books here?

Off to the tree lighting! Wait...who made this all blurry?


Mason: "Something is happening to the left." Aubrey: "No, something is happening to the right."

Riley: "My mouth is full of candy cane." Mara: "I'm very upset that the hot cocoa has dairy in it."

I get to go through a fire truck though!

Ooh, cool buttons!

Most kids just sit and honk the horn. I start hitting buttons.

Yes, I wear sweatpants in situations that don't warrant it. I was with it.

This picture looks fine because we are all looking at the beautiful tree.

Of course this one is messed up because we are actually looking at Auntie Amber.

While I desperately pray and hope for kids of my own, I feel eternally blessed to be a part of these amazing kid’s lives.