(Edited to add: If anyone reads my blog that believes in the power of prayer, can I please ask for you to keep me in your thoughts? I go in for my brain MRI tomorrow afternoon and while I do hope for answers, I really don’t want to have a brain tumor. Thank you!)

This past weekend felt like Groundhog’s Day to me.

You see, when you have Thanksgiving at home all of the leftovers stick around!

Someone should have mentioned that…

So I’ve basically been doing this.

Again and again and again.

With a bit of this added in.

It’s been quite a few days of eating some pretty darn awesome food.

But I should probably get back on track with eating a sane diet.

Too much junk makes me crazy.

And reminds me, yet again, that I have one eye that’s bigger than the other.

Aubrey and I spent some quality time dancing this weekend and one night at the country bar couple of girls came up with free hats. The back of it says Pray For Snow. I have no idea what it’s supposed to be promoting, (which I could look up, but haven’t yet) but a free hat is a free hat!

And, of course, a failed recipe occurs…every day of my life.

To be fair, it actually came together quite nicely. It looked and smelled amazing. But the taste was just…off.

Aubrey and I weren’t impressed.

I need to make more cupcakes!

Or wait. Eat more veggies. That’s what I meant. Eat more veggies.