I’m thankful that I had a great night last night and I’m thankful that I can spend all day today recovering!

We spent time with loved ones watching football.

We played games.

Cauliflower Breadsticks were devoured, although they were dairy-free this time.

Well the kids ate them anyway. The sticks were supposed to go with dinner, but they kept demanding more! I’m so glad they liked them.

Then we tested the limits of our tiny kitchen…

…before it was finally time to EAT.

Well, that’s what the plates looked like of people who like stuffing and mushroomy-green bean casserole. Not this girl! So my plate was much yummier. Although I started out slowly because my stomach was feeling off.

I ended up refilling my plate, oh, about a billion times. Everyone else was pretty satisfied with one plate or maybe a bit more. I was an eating machine once my stomach was calm!

Well except I didn’t eat this.

Ok, I did try some. Yup, meat still tastes like meat. Blech.

Turkey makes people sleepy.

Except, that was actually before we ate, and then ate some more.

I made Chai Coconut Cupcakes.

Tawnya made an amazing Apple Pie.

And…whoops didn’t remember to take a picture of the Crustless Pumpkin Pie (that I make using all coconut flour) before it was devoured.

Then it was time to kick back in some comfy pajamas and think about how thankful we are.

Even though we had to deal with multiple dietary restrictions (There was no gluten, no dairy, no soy, and no corn products anywhere in sight), I was thankful to be somewhere with no off-limit foods.

I’m even more thankful that I slept in today and have absolutely zero plans to fight with people over things I don’t need.

I’m thankful that I’m content with what I already have.