Happy Halloween!

Today is the day of…candy!

Duh. What else would I be talking about?

I used Angela’s recipe for homemade Twix bars for a fun treat.

Mara and Reagan can’t have gluten or dairy and Mason can’t have anything with corn in it. Riley needs to stay away from artificial colors.

Yeah, go ahead and name a candy that is devoid of all of those things.

I dare you.

Those crazy nieces and nephews of mine are my favorite kids in this world.

We love Auntie Amber!

But that was last year.

This year, we have Twix bars.

I was entirely too fascinated while making these bars.

Did you know that vanilla and honey don’t like one another?

I also like shiny things…but that’s a different blog.

You can find the full recipe for these bars here, but here’s a quick run down.

First grab the ingredients and the recipe.

I used honey instead of brown rice syrup because I’m not a fan of the possibility of arsenic.

I also used my Kindle to follow the directions – you use whatever you want.

Once the peanut butter, honey and vanilla were done I added the mixture to the crispy rice cereal.

I stuck that in the freezer while I made the caramel from dates, more peanut butter and coconut milk. The recipe calls for almond milk, but my stomach is not a fan.

Added the date “caramel” to the top of the cereal mixture.

Froze it for about 12 minutes and then melted chocolate and coconut oil for a tasty topping.

After more time in the freezer I cut it into Twix-size slices.

It’s Amber-tasted and kid-approved.

Neon green polka-dot socks like it too.

Now get out there and have a happy Halloween!