I had one of those perfect relaxing weekends. Well it would have been perfect if I hadn’t been sick for a good chunk of it. But I did get to do something exciting. Aubrey and I went and saw The Hunger Games! You know, so we can be like everyone else in the world.

Except…both of us were disappointed with it. We discussed it on the car ride home and decided we couldn’t have done it any better, but I know for sure that my hopes were too high.

I know people hate it when they turn one book into multiple movies, but I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more if they had done that. There was just too much back story missing. I can’t imagine going to see it without having read the book. But maybe it would have been better then because you don’t realize just how much character development you’re missing out on.

I also discovered a snarky website over the weekend which I will go into more detail on for Wednesday’s post. But for anyone who thinks I shouldn’t post pictures of myself hurry and look away!

Just for you, just for you. ;)

But besides taking completely unflattering photos of myself, I’ve been trying to satisfy my chip cravings. I’m not looking forward to having to avoid crunchy foods after my surgery.

I’m so glad that I saw this idea on Caitlin’s blog because it made for a really delicious meal. Nothing groundbreaking, but such an easy basic plan for a go-to weeknight meal.

It didn’t take long at all using precooked quinoa, canned beans, with chopped bell pepper, salsa and cilantro on top. I had a dollop of hummus on the side with Food Should Taste Good olive chips. It would have been even faster if I had my side of veggies raw, but I was really craving roasted ones. Although I’m still too impatient to actually let them cook all the way.

I roasted brussel sprouts and green beans rubbed with oil and garlic powder at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes. They would have be tastier if I had cooked them longer, but I was hungry. My stomach will always take precedence over proper cooking or picture taking.

Some day when I’m not sick or in pain I want to try to get back into the kitchen and do more recipe experiments. I don’t mean to sound like a total downer, I just really haven’t felt well enough to deviate from my typical meals.

Although I have felt well enough to continue to take awful photos of myself.

I love that you'll do completely crazy things with me.

Sorry, but that’s one thing that’s just not going to stop!

Have you seen The Hunger Games? What did you think? Tried any good recipes lately?