So my face still hurts. I guess coffee tables really are a lot more dangerous than they look. It’s a bit puffier now, and my right eye keeps twitching. Really I just want to whine about my face for one more minute.

Don't you feel sorry for me? No? Okay then.

Don’t mind the crazy bags under my eyes. I was up until 7 am with crazy insomnia. I crashed for a couple of hours before getting up again and taking this picture. I can already hear you saying “Wow, weird sad face Amber. Geez. You’d think your head hurt or something.” Well it is still sore. WAH! And……done!

Instead I’d rather move on to this fun survey I’m seeing all over the blogosphere that was started by Janetha. So much fun! I loved filling out surveys back in middle school/high school and the early Myspace days. You know, like a million years ago. Let’s go!


A is for age: Oh sure, now you remind me! In less than two months I’ll be 29.

B is for breakfast today: Breakfast today was the same as breakfast every day. Overnight oatmeal, Greek yogurt, chocolate peanut butter and an apple.

C is for currently craving: I’m actually not really craving anything right now. As I’m writing this blog I’m pretty content. I’m listening to some good music and the dryer is still running so I have no clothes to put away. My tummy is fed and happy. Basically I’m good!

D is for dinner tonight: Would you judge me if I said Black Bean Casserole again? Well I don’t care, it’s delicious!

E is for favorite type of exercise: My favorite type of exercise is anything I can do while reading. Music does pump me up, but I’m just not into running. On an elliptical or similar machines I can read a magazine at the same time. HITT (high intensity interval training) workouts are my favorite because I get bored easily.

F is for an irrational fear: What are you talking about? All of my fears are COMPLETELY rational. C’mon, doesn’t everyone fear small talk? Oh wait, I forgot, that’s just me. - I went several blocks out of my way to avoid small talk with you

G is for gross food: Meat, mushrooms, and anything made to taste like either of those things. Blech!

H is for hometown: Born, raised, and still live near Portland, Oregon.

I is for something important: I think you know what I think is important. I MISSED THIS GUY.

Life is better when you're with me.

Although, do you remember how I mentioned I found a box of Tic Tacs in his bathroom that expired in 2007? When he was cleaning out his suitcase he found a McDonalds Monopoly piece from 2004. Seriously? Yes.

J is for current favorite jam: I am going to assume that this means song, and I have to admit that I’m still rocking out to Party Rock Anthem. Anytime I hear it I will pretend like I have dance skills. Unless I’m at the gym, and then I just dance in my head. Well, except when I think I’m just dancing in my head and realize I’m not…

K is for kids: I wish. :( For now I just have to borrow these ones.

No way! We won't let you leave!

L is for current location: I’m currently sitting at my computer, wrapped in a robe and about three blankets trying to keep warm. I also have a space heater pointed directly at me. That was way more information than you needed to know, but it’s true!

M is for the most recent way you spent money: I wish I could say that I bought something really cool or expensive. But instead I just got this in the mail.

Although the current movies aren’t as good as the classics, I can still love singing and dancing vegetables that tell Bible stores!

N is for something you need: Sleep. I definitely need a lot more sleep.

O is for occupation: Currently occupying my computer chair.

P is for pet peeve: Oh so many pet peeves, so little time. Major ones involve anything that turns my stomach or anything that involves major manners violations. Let’s use some common courtesy people!

Q is for a quote: I love inspirational quotes. But I don’t think I could pick just one as my favorite. I do have a LEAST favorite. “Nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels.” I feel sad for people who say that. They clearly haven’t been eating the same food that I have.

R is for random fact about you: Isn’t that what this whole thing is about? Random facts? There is nothing harder to come up with when there are no parameters. I’m drawing a major blank. Hmm… Oh! I know! I get extremely excited when I can do anything “fancy” with my hair besides throwing it into a ponytail. I always feel like I’ve cracked some sort of secret girl code no one shared with me.

Hey, I was finally able to do something everyone else can already do!

And I learned how freaking difficult it is to take a picture of the back of my head.

S is for favorite healthy snack: I don’t actually snack that much, but I do like roasted nuts, Food Should Taste Good chips, veggies and hummus.

T is for favorite treat: I love dense, chewy, moist baked goods. I haven’t had many great ones since having to go gluten-free, but there is just nothing better than something warm and doughy!

U is for something that makes you unique: I have this awesome ability to come up with the worst case scenario in any possible situation.

V is for favorite vegetable: How does one pick favorites? I can’t pick one. Broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, carrots, brussel sprouts, green beans….

W is for today’s workout: I think I’m actually going to take it easy today. While I don’t think I got a concussion from the fight with my coffee table, my head is still feeling pretty sore. Plus I’ve gone to the gym since hitting my head and I didn’t feel that great afterwards.

X is for X-rays you’ve had: I couldn’t even begin to take a guess. I have had a ton done besides the dental ones that most everyone has had done. I’ve had X-rays of my stomach, shoulder and I’m sure other places I can’t remember.

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: I think you know, but I’ll tell you anyway. Aubrey finally came home! I tried to keep my hopes low since he was supposed to be back last Friday, but he did it. My other half is home once again.

Z is for your time zone: Pacific! Which means that I have to avoid the Internet for a good three hours if I don’t want anything on TV spoiled. Granted, most of the time I don’t care, (and sometimes I use it to my advantage).

Your turn! Give me your answer to one of the questions above.