One of the best things about having a close friend is that they’ll share with you. Crazy stories, fun times, and lots of laughter. But not food. Sorry, but Amber doesn’t share food. I will gladly get you your own, but stay away from mine.

Get your own, this one is MINE!

I have known my best friend Tawnya for almost 15 years. She’s insane just like I am. And that’s saying a lot. If you think I post a lot of my random musings, you have no clue what all is going on in this brain of mine. But she actually gets all of that. - I have something extremely unimportant to tell you ASAP

You rock more than words can express.

When you have someone that gets to know you and still likes you – hold onto them! And when I found out today is Multiple Personality Day I had to devote a blog post to my other personality. At least the personality of mine that other people can see.

I don’t think that’s quite the point of the day. But it works for me!

Tawnya and I are on a very similar life path. We get one another. But while Aubrey and I aren’t having much luck at conceiving, Tawnya didn’t have problems in that department. As you can tell from the whole mess of kids she has.

Riley, Mason, Mara, Reagan

And while I am horrible at sharing, she is great at it when it comes to her kids. I can steal them away to make me feel better about watching kids movies. They are clearly the reason I own Chicken Little, Ferngully and every single Disney movie… They are the only reason I’d ever play with a Barbie of course!

Apparently I’m hilarious! At least that’s what Mara told me as we were playing. Riley even told me I should live with them. I tried to convince them that they would get totally sick of me if I ever did that. They weren’t convinced until I reminded them that I would make them clean their room every single day.

They didn’t want me to go home, which was how the whole conversation started. But it was easy to leave after they realized that I was serious. Clutter drives me insane. They are pretty quick those two.

Shh...maybe if we ignore her she'll leave and we won't have to clean anything.

The younger two don’t quite appreciate my crazy voices and insane imagination yet. They do enjoy getting tossed about and flipped around though. And I am a pro at that! Just as long as no one pukes, we’re good. Even if things get messy, is there anything cuter than kids in pajamas fresh from their bath?

We're so sweet and precious. You will do what we want!

They are just now starting to talk in full sentences and it’s totally weird. Just the other day Reagan was playing with a doll and I asked her what kind it was. She responded with “She’s a princess!” I’m sorry, WHAT? Wasn’t it just like a day ago where the most I ever heard you say was my name followed maybe by “up!”?

This post was supposed to be about Tawnya and not her kids, I swear. Kids definitely change things. Over the years relationships grow and expand to places you never saw coming.

I never would have thought that I would unsuccessfully try for children for over five years. I never thought I could grow to love the children of my best friend as much as I love her. Especially when they block the front door so that I can’t leave the house.

No way! We won't let you leave!

What do they have to do with multiple personalities? Absolutely nothing. But kids make life so much more fun, and I can’t wait to have my own someday.

Got a problem with that?

Happy Multiple Personality Day! How will you and yours celebrate? My multiple personalities want ice cream and candy. But then, that’s their answer to everything…