I can’t wait to relax tonight. I feel like my whole week has been go-go-go and I need it to calm down. At least it was mostly fun! Except the random stomach pain everything else has gone pretty well.

I had the most random dream the other night. I had moved to a new town and got involved with a church group. One of the other members was Khloe Kardashian. I haven’t watched any of the Kardashian shows (save for a few random clips) and yet I’m dreaming about them? They really are everywhere!

Other than crazy dreams I’ve been spending my time trying to keep my stomach pleased, but it’s hard to remember what it likes and what it doesn’t since it seems to change daily. I just want it to deal with its issues on its own. It probably wasn’t helping that as it kept angering me I kept craving junk food. Trust me, I have been eating my fair share of smoothies and salads (two things that seem to be alright).

Drink me! I won't hurt your tummy.

Gotta love a chocolatey banana smoothie that looks like sludge but tastes like a milkshake!

But in addition to junk food I’ve also been craving candy. Then again, what else is new? My sweet tooth rages on. I did try out this recipe for peanut butter cups so that I’m at least making my own candy. That way I feel better about the ingredients.

Unfortunately, my impatience struck again and while I’m sure it would have been “amazing” if I had done it the right way, I had to settle for “great.” Not a bad way to go, my friends.

To view how they should look you gotta click the link above. Otherwise, this is what you’re stuck with.

The egg version of Reese’s are the best because there is a much better ratio of peanut butter to chocolate. And since chocolate and peanut butter is the best candy combo there is, I am totally right in making it. Plus I think national peanut butter day was yesterday. Or the day before? Or…you know, it was some day. Let’s celebrate!

I really did try to make egg shapes with the peanut butter mixture, but this was as close as I got.

Just pretend we're eggs.

According to the recipe you’re supposed to melt the chocolate and then let it sit out for awhile to cool down. This is so the hot chocolate doesn’t melt the hardened peanut butter eggs. But you see, I just couldn’t wait! I wanted to get going. Which is why mine aren’t nearly as pretty as they could have been. And why the bowl of chocolate I was dipping into looked like a peanut butter monster attacked it.

The taste was worth all of the messy bowls though. I popped one of the smaller eggs immediately into my mouth before I thought to take a picture. Then I apparently was too high on sugar to realize how blurry the picture I ended up taking was.

Blurry, blurry candy time!

Ahhh well. Make your own! Then you’ll see how awesome they are. But I don’t recommend dropping spinach all over the floor. That’s just something I’d do.

To make the smoothie at the top of this blog I used frozen banana, frozen blueberries, cocoa powder, pea protein powder and I attempted to use spinach. Unfortuantely when I grabbed the box of spinach it opened and spilled all over the floor. Well, to be fair only most of what was left fell on the floor. I was able to add some spinach to the smoothie. Just not as much as I had wanted to.

Yay! We're free! You can't eat us!

I am going to try and make something with the silken and firm tofu that is sitting all lonely in my fridge before I cut soy out my diet. Why cut out soy? There has got to be something I’m eating that is making my stomach react so badly, and I don’t eat much soy so it won’t be that hard to cut out. That is, once I get rid of that tofu. If I make something good I could actually post a real recipe on my blog again. Something that has nothing to do with candy!

Have any fun weekend plans? I’m looking forward to lots of rest. Probably some time with family and friends. But rest, hopefully pain-free rest!

Have you made any good recipes lately? To be fair, pretty much everything has upset my stomach lately, but I have still loved reading about new recipes. So if you have any ideas or links, let me know!