Not that I needed any more ice cream or candy, but just in case anyone was curious. Yes. They do actually give you some sometimes!

But let’s pretend that I’ve actually been eating real food this week. Which I have, minus my recent ice cream obsession. I have also finally updated my SparkPeople blog which I haven’t done since early November. How sad is that? I pretty much abandoned it after I started this blog. Poor lonely blog, I promise I’ll try and keep you updated!

Writing a blog can be tough work sometimes, even though I only post three times a week here. Some weeks I have so many ideas I have that week’s blogs typed up by Tuesday. Otherwise, I realize the night before that I typically have a blog up the next day. Then I’m scrambling, wondering what in the world I have to say.

Today it’s mostly making fun of myself for being such a major dork. But what else is new? I have realized that if I don’t have a sense of humor about myself, I’m never going to fully enjoy life. Because I’m pretty darn funny if I do say so myself.

So I thought I would give a real commentary of the pictures I took to write my blog about the SparkPeople DVD.

Aubrey thought he was so cool using his photo editing skills to add our niece into that picture. I was clicking through them and a copy of the picture without her was first, then all of a sudden it’s the same picture with a toddler jumping out at me! I thought I was going crazy for a minute. Silly men.

It wasn’t easy to confuse me though considering I’ve had about eight hours of sleep over the past three nights. I actually went to the doctor because I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest. It’s disconcerting to try to sleep at night and feel like my heart is going to flutter away. I’m on two different pills for my thyroid and she thinks I can stop taking one of the them and then hopefully my heart will calm down. I’ve already noticed that it’s not thudding quite as hard. Maybe I’ll even be able to go back to the gym and not feel like I’m going to pass out. I would greatly appreciate that!

On Saturday I was even able to go up the mountain to play in the snow without too much trouble. I don’t seem to notice it pounding too hard as much when I’m up and moving anyway.

The snow wasn’t quite that soft, powdery texture that’s fun to play in, but it was still pretty fun. Even though Aubrey and I both ended up stepping down and winding up with about half our legs in snow! Just had to walk carefully.

I wasn’t exactly dressed appropriately. I did have on multiple pairs of pants though and my nice warm boots. But I felt a little silly around all of the professional looking skiers and tubers. Ha! We still had fun, no matter how we were dressed.

She wasn’t impressed with the snow at all, lol!

I told Mara being on the highest part of the snow meant she was queen of the mountain. She spared no time in declaring the news to her brother who then told her to get off so he could be the king. Aw, sweet children. :)

Do anything fun this weekend? When’s the last time you played in the snow?