I am leaving the couch for a few minutes to talk about why I’m stuck to the couch. No, it isn’t because I’m injured again. Although to be honest my foot still hurts after I exercise. Yes, still. It’s been almost a month. It’s quite annoying. But no, I’ve actually been stuck to the couch because every single show this season has caught me up in a web of interest.


First I was drawn into Revenge – something about the show really spoke to my inner soap opera diva. I may not be able to get into soap operas, but I am able to get into soap operas masquerading as dramas. Ooh Revenge, how I love you. Then there’s Ringer, which I’ll be honest, I started watching mostly for Sarah Michelle Gellar. So good in Cruel Intentions. I am so glad to have SMG back on TV!

But it’s not just the new shows, I’ve still been watching Glee, Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game. Apparently I’m still a teenage girl. This is especially sad considering I’ll blink and then turn 30. Wait, no, no! I refuse to give in to that. That’s not until next year. You can’t have me yet 30!

It’s weird because the last few years there haven’t been so many new shows I was interested in. Mostly it was shows I liked getting cancelled. Goodbye Flash Forward, see you later The Event.


This doesn’t even begin to cover the trashy magazine of TV: reality shows. I may or may not want to watch pregnant teenagers, teen moms, toddlers in tiaras, dancing moms, fist-pumping guidos, and the show that watches it all for me: The Soup.

someecards.com - I might read more books if they were about reality TV

The mid-season shows are starting and I’m already into Alcatraz and I can’t wait for Smash and GCB to start so I can love those as well. One show I haven’t been able to get into is Touch. I’ve watched about half of the first episode, but it just isn’t drawing me in.

Of course, I haven’t even mentioned my favorite of the new shows. Once Upon A Time. I’m watching Grimm also;it’s always fun to watch a show that’s filmed in your hometown. Hey I recognize that bridge! But, it’s not nearly as good as Once Upon A Time. Each week I get really excited that it’s about to be on again.

And I’m probably the only one, but I really like sitcoms. I think I’m the only one watching Whitney each week. Mike & Molly, Modern Family, and Up All Night seem to actually have other fans. I’m also watching Are You There Chelsea? too. But then, I’ll pretty much watch anything Chelsea Handler is involved in.

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You’d think that I’d never leave the couch. But I swear I do. I have to spend time on the Internet too of course. And I’m not one of the cool kids with a smartphone. I’m still sitting at a desk with an actual computer. And I read – see?

I actually just finished Divergent (the first in a series that is very similar to The Hunger Games). And I’m about to start another James Patterson thriller. The television might be on in the background while I read sometimes. But I don’t necessarily think that means I have a problem, right?

Could you pick just one show that is a must-watch? I don’t think I could. I really like a wide variety of shows. I might not catch every single second of each episode, but I still like my TV time.