I have been a experimenting machine when it comes to Christmas candy lately. Some have been successful and others have failed miserably. I wish I would have read the disclaimer better on this blog before I attempted to make my own coconut butter.

When Aubrey saw the price of a jar of it he about had a heart attack. I told him that there was supposedly a way to make it at home from just shredded coconut. Apparently this is only true if all of the stars align in some sort of magical way. Because it certainly didn’t work out for me.

I was starting to wonder if everyone on the Internet was lying to me. Is it really possible to make your own coconut butter? I even added water to see if it would make my crumbly dough smoother.

Nope! It just made a moist crumbly dough. I finally gave up and just spread it out on wax paper and crumbled a candy cane on top.

I stuck my crumbly dough into the freezer and eventually it hardened. It didn’t taste very good though. I even broke it up into “peppermint bark” pieces. Maybe I needed to add more peppermint extract and sweetener? I don’t know. I give up. At least Aubrey liked it!

The recipes that worked out a lot better were these

And these

And finally, these.

I was too impatient to wait half an hour for the peanut butter mixture and pretzels to freeze together so I went straight to dipping them into chocolate. Then I realized why they said to freeze them first. The pretzels might have been slipping and sliding along the peanut butter, but I think my candies pretty much get the message across. Eat sugar, lots of it.

They were delicious! I’m not even sure how many I have left since I made very few to begin with. When practicing recipes I try not to waste too many ingredients. Even though Aubrey is pretty content with eating what I make, whether or not I think it’s good, I still hate wasting food.

Last night my stomach was killing me (seriously, I don’t know if I have ever felt this kind of pain save for maybe when I was having gall bladder attacks) so I’m just hoping for a pain-free day today. I don’t know if it was from candy eating or dining out or the fact that my entire body seems to hate me. If I could pin the reason for my random pain down on any given day, my life would be sooo much easier.

As long as I’m feeling better for Christmas I really don’t care. Especially if it means I get to eat more sugar and chocolate. And chocolately sugar.

I mean…I’m making it all for presents… Not for myself…I’m giving it away! You know, eventually…after I’ve tasted it all myself first. For strictly taste assurance reasons of course…

Made anything tasty lately? Do you make any Christmas treats to give away as presents?