I definitely post later on Mondays. Still recovering from the weekends I guess!

Weekends are always so full of stuff to do. There’s always grocery shopping and food prep to be done, church and family activities aplenty. But this last one was actually slower and nice.

Aubrey and I still ran errands, still got (most of) our food prep done for the week. But yesterday we spent the afternoon simply kicking it on the couch with The Princess Bride. It’s probably been years since I watched it.

We also tried this that Sarah aka Mama Pea mentioned on her blog the other day.

So, so good. Words can not describe how delicious! In moderation of course, as nothing in my life can be calorie-free. ;)

Slower weekends also convince me to get in my kitchen and try out new things. And since I was already thinking about Mama Pea, I decided to grab out her cookbook for inspiration.

I’ve been trying to find a good stir fry sauce recipe, but so far every single kind I’ve tried has been missing something. Just not quite what I want.

This one certainly included a lot of my favorite things in a stir fry. Carrots, celery, water chestnuts (it just can’t be a good stir fry unless water chestnuts are included) and pineapple. I have found that cooked pineapple is much less likely to completely upset my stomach than fresh.

First off, I pressed and then chopped the tofu before mixing up the marinade.

We marinated the tofu (which you should do for at least 30 minutes or overnight) in the lemon juice, water, and sugar mixture. Except I actually used evaporated cane juice, because that’s what I had. Then laid them out on the baking sheet.

Meanwhile I added my chopped veggies to the pan to sauté.

And made the sauce. My arrowroot powder bag is tragic, I know. It is at least contained within the plastic bag, if not the bag it originally came in.

This also looks like I am advertising Bragg’s, lol. But soy sauce is not gluten free and the liquid aminos makes a great substitute. I did use only have the amount called for though, because the amount of sodium is insane.

Adding everything together, the veggies, sauce, tofu, pineapple, and topping with cashews was my job. Aubrey was put on picture duty to get a couple of me cooking. When we were done this is what I found.

The first one being one I could have just taken myself and the second one? “Because that’s a lot of bananas.” Yes Aubrey, yes it is. We always buy a lot of bananas because he eats a fresh one daily and I freeze the rest to use in smoothies that I consume daily. So yes, we eat a lot of bananas! Is he seriously just now noticing this? Oh how I love him.

For the full recipe you should really check out the Peas and Thank You cookbook. Our favorite recipe from it is Lulu’s Mac and Cheese. This one? We weren’t so keen on. The problem is, we are horrible about knowing why we don’t like things. I think it was too sweet and apple-y, Aubrey says it was the vinegar that it was too vinegary. But how to adjust it to our tastes? I’m not sure. Add less vinegar? Add the correct amount of liquid aminos? I have no clue.

For those of you who like the nutritional info, here it is.

It doesn’t include any brown rice you might want to serve it with, so don’t forget to track that too SparkPeople friends. Also the notes are:

Firm Tofu: half a 16oz package
Bell Pepper: half a large pepper
Celery: one stalk
Carrots: ½ cup chopped
Pineapple: half a 20oz can.

The stir fry sauce hunt lives on! If I could just learn to actually like the taste of soy sauce, I think I’d be more willing to try different recipes!

Do you have a go-to stir fry sauce recipe?