Well after a fun Sunday of birthday pumpkin cupcakes

(I’ll take them all thank you!) flourless chocolate cookies, and peanut butter banana cookies that didn’t set up in time, I guess I got on a sweets trend.

I think that peanut butter banana cookie would have worked a lot better if I had actually had baking soda. Strike that, if I had known that we had baking soda! They still tasted delicious, even if I did eat too many, including a couple from the trash after I reconsidered my thought that I never wanted to see them again. (Don’t worry they were in a bag, not just free-floating in debris, lol)

Then yesterday was an interesting morning where my van kissed a car, which sounded much worse than it turned out to be. No damage to the vehicles, no damage to the people. I guess our cars just wanted to get a little closer. Thankfully the other driver didn’t seem to mind much.

Whether I’ll blame it on birthday parties or stress from a faux car accident, all I could think about was cake. I may have learned a lot from SparkPeople, but I’m still working on a few things. Emotional eating is just happens sometimes!

One recipe you won’t find in the SparkPeople Cookbook is the banana bread cake that was inspired by Averie.

If you ever need to satisfy your sweet tooth Averie’s blog is the one to hit. (Not another car, just so we’re clear). So many of my favorite sweet recipes have been inspired by her creations.

I have made this banana bread cake quite a few times since I first tried it. It is incredibly addictive. In fact, I tend to make it when I know I can give some away. Otherwise I will eat the entire thing. And I don’t think my stomach would agree with that! I do switch things up a bit by using cashews ground into flour instead of almonds.

And I tend to use Sun Butter instead of peanut butter, although I’ve had it both ways and I still can’t decide which I like better.

Although, I might have to stick with the sunflower seed butter now that peanut butter prices are rising. Darn peanut butter, I love you!

Extra banana slices go on top before baking.

I cut this into 9 equal servings. You can eat as much or as little as you want. If you’re me that means you eat half of one piece and then later the other half. And then later a sliver. And then another sliver. Until you remember to throw it in the freezer for later.

For my Spark friends who like the nutritional breakdown it looks like this:

Oh and the red triangles you see are notes I have in Excel:

Apple – 80g after peeling and coring
Brown Sugar – 48g or ¼ cup
Sugar – 48g or ¼ cup

I do all of my baking and cooking in general by weight because I find it’s a lot more accurate when it comes to tracking. But I know some people don’t have kitchen scales. They aren’t too expensive, and I highly recommend buying one. But I’ll try and keep track of both measurements next time I make something! Especially something this good.

Do you have a sweet tooth? What satisfies it? I sure do!! My sweet tooth likes ice cream and soft/doughy baked goods the best (as long as they are gluten-free!)