I couldn’t concentrate during my yoga practice this morning, even if my life had depended on it. Thoughts just kept streaming through my mind of things I needed to do and changes I wanted to make this blog. It’s still looking like things were just thrown together, so I’m doing what I can to make it look a bit more streamlined.
I think my concentration problem was also due to a certain cookbook that came out yesterday.

Yes! The one with my story in it. I was a bit excited. I knew I was getting a copy in the mail, but I was too impatient to actually wait for it to arrive. So I drove to Fred Meyer, Target, and Wal-Mart only to find out that none of them had copies.
Unfortunately, my current vehicle leaks oil like a sieve, so I knew I couldn’t drive much further than that without adding more. I need to have my husband, Aubrey, show me how to add oil to it again. He’s showed me before, but I think when it comes to learning about cars my eyes immediately glaze over. I wish I could do everything myself, and I’m definitely going to work on it. But instead, I entertained myself by paying attention to my growling stomach and fed it a snack.

Ahh a new smoothie obsession.  Blueberries, banana, avocado, unsweetened coconut milk, pea protein, with a few drops of liquid vanilla stevia.
Pretty soon, Aubrey was home and we were finally able to drive out to the mall.  A quick visit to Barnes and Noble and there it was!
Can you see it?  It took me awhile to find it, but once I did I saw just how big it was.
I figured the index would just have the recipes in it, but I checked and hey, there was my name!  I attempted to keep my finger in it so I could see each page that my name showed up on.  But the book closed almost every time.  There’s a lot of info in there!  But I was eventually able to find my picture.
Hey, that’s me!  I read through my story and I have to admit my eyes immediately noticed a few mistakes.  First, the photo caption says that I am in my kitchen.  I wish!  That kitchen rocked, but it was my friend’s parents’ kitchen.  I knew Elma was great at photography so when I needed to find someone to take pictures of me, I knew exactly who to ask.  And her parents have one of nicest kitchens I have ever seen, so it worked out perfectly.
I was also a bit bummed that of the five places my Spark Name (*AMBER512) appears, it is only correct in one place.  Everywhere else it is listed without the asterisk.  So if someone is looking for me on SparkPeople, it’s going to be a bit difficult!
One thing that made me cringe is how I talk about my love of whole wheat products.  Which, I still do!  However, I just can’t eat them anymore.  A year ago I found out I was gluten intolerant, so while I’d love to be able to eat my favorite whole wheat pasta still, I just can’t.  But I had no idea when I was giving the interview about what I eat that my eating would change so much.

I also have lost more weight since then, for a nice 100 pound weight loss.  But I’m totally fine with that one. :)

I can’t wait to check the mail later to see if my own copy has arrived, because I should probably read other sections besides just the ones about me.  Huh?

Buy your own copy of the SparkPeople cookbook today!